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AQUASMART®-PU PRIMER 2K is a revolutionary polyurethane water based primer.
Based on the very successful idea of 1:1 by volume mixing ratio of AQUASMART –DUR, our R&D has developed a water based PU primer having the same1:1 by volume mixing ratio.
The product is unique also in the fact that it is 100% polyurethane and can be perfectly applied even on damp concrete.
The drying time is fast, making this primer ideal for “same day” application.

The main advantages of this new primer are:
1.    It is water based and does not contain any solvent.
2.    It is not ADR or/and IMO obligatory for transport.
3.    It can be applied over concrete surfaces and it is ideal for application over wet concrete without any bubbling risk.
4.    It is a low odor,  non-flammable, zero VOC product. So, it is also ideal for indoor and closed areas applications.
5.    It has a fast curing profile that allows you to apply both primer and main coat on the same day.
6.    It keeps its fast curing property even in low temperature conditions.
7.    Although it has a good penetration property, it allows forming a light film in just one single coat even in porous concrete. This assures an excellent adhesion for our HYPERDESMO and AQUASMART membranes, liquid applied flooring products, as well as Polyurea.

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