Sealing Applications with HYPERSEAL®products

ALCHIMICA is a leading producer of Polyurethane one and two component polyurethane sealants. Our range of sealants include low modulus products as HYPERSEAL®-25LM-S and HYPERSEAL®-Expert-150 which exhibits a 50% joint movement accommodation factor,  high modulus and fast curing sealants  as HYPERSEAL®-50 FC-S and  two component pourable sealants as  HYPERSEAL®-2K-F which is suitable and highly recommended for sealing joints in airway runways.

Several HYPERSEAL Sealants have been certified with CE mark, according to the new EU legislation.

The main application scopes you can cover with HYPERSEAL sealants are:

Sealing joints in:

  • Concrete surfaces,
  • expansion concrete plates,
  • precast panels,
  • brick and block work,
  • water tanks and swimming pools,
  • metal frames,
  • aluminum windows and panels,
  • irrigation channels,
  • glass,
  • granite, tiles & marble.

Belgrade National Stadium

Runways in the airport Ataturk, Istanbul, Turkey.

Commercial center in Athens, Greece.

Highway in Greece.

Wooden roof in Slovenia.

If you require a specific technical support or you want to learn more about our Sealing and adhesive solutions please make a contact with us.

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