Waterproofing and protection of swimming pools in ”My World Europe”. Istanbul, Turkey

My World Europe3

One of the most recognized projects that ALCHIMICA was part of, is the commercial and residential building complex ‘’My World Europe’’ which is located in Basaksehir district in Istanbul.

The complex covers a significant land area with green living spaces and was designed to be one of the most environmentally conscious projects. Its architecture is contemporary and was developed to meet and satisfy all client’s needs including various recreational and social facilities.

It includes 3080 residences and 20 twin villas in the three main sections: Pool Residence, Arena Residence and Golf Residence that makes it to be one of the largest residential projects in Istanbul.

In the Pool residence, there is a huge 130 long swimming pool while in the Arena Residence there are fountains and a decorative swimming pools.

Project Requirements

The project had specific requirements for the waterproofing and protection of the swimming pools and fountains. Due to the fact that the swimming pools would accommodate heavy usage and contain large amounts of chlorine treated water a durable and strong solution was required that would prevent water ingression, deal with mechanical forces and resist to temperature changes and acidity. ALCHIMICA’s tested sealing and waterproofing solutions were used thanks to its global experience was able to provide any assistance in every phase of the project.


Taking into consideration the impressive size of the swimming pools and the mechanical and chemical resistance properties that needed for, our HYPERDESMO®-2K-W was selected and applied on surfaces as it produces a strong yet flexible impermeable membrane that has excellent resistance to acidic and basic environments while performing even in tanks containing chlorine treated water.


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ALCHIMICA™, based on our polyurethane waterproofing membrane HYPERDESMO®-S-WR, certified according to the latest standards for potable water tanks, offers durability and long-term protection from water leaks in many potable water applications and water desalination plants. With its unique properties being extremely hydrophobic and hydrolysis resistant, is an ultimate waterproofing solution for swimming pools and aquariums, while it creates a harmless environment for marine life.

HYPERDESMO-2K-W has been used in the Nata AVM aquarium in Ankara, Turkey.  Learn more about: HYPERDESMO®-2K-W

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