Water Tanks waterproofing Applications with HYPERDESMO-2K-W


HYPERDESMO®-2K-W is a two-component, solvent-free, thixotropic coating, based on high quality elastomeric polyurethane resins.

It has been certified for EU regulations by the O.T.E.C. institute, the Regulations of Australia and New Zealand and the Water Supply Regulations of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland through Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
But even more importantly, while creating HYPERDESMO 2-KW, we took into consideration all possible drinking water limitations and specifications globally, in order to create a product that could be used under any regulations, everywhere.
It has excellent thixotropy and rheology without being viscous; it cures fast and remains flexible in a multitude of temperatures.  
Extremely hydrophobic and hydrolysis resistant, it has already been used for the waterproofing of many potable water applications as well as in water desalination plants globally.

Please select from the images below:

Swimming pool in South Africa


Desalination plant in Israel

Water tank in Albania

Nata AVM AQUARIUM in Ankara.


Swimming pools and fountains of “My World-AĞAOĞLU” in Istanbul, Turkey.

Aquarium waterproofing in Ankara, Turkey.

Water tank, Greece.


Water tank, Mexico.

Waste water treatment plant, Greece.

Water tank, Egypt.

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