Flooring application in Clemenceau, Lebanon

AQUADUR, the water based, epoxy coating with its track record of more than 20 years of successful use as primer for the HYPERDESMO® line of products and HYPERDESMO®-D-2K , the solvent free 100% solid PU flooring material have been use for indoor flooring application in Clemenceau, Lebanon.

Project Details

Project: Clemenceau Location: Lebanon, Clemenceaue Area: 6000 m2 Products: AQUADUR, HYPERDESMO®-D-2K

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Underground car park in Lebanon with HYPERDESMO®-D-2K


In this project, AQUASMART®-DUR the revolutionary two-component, water based, epoxy primer was applied, creating a slight film sealing the concrete and enhancing adhesion for the main coat. Then our HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT-150, the low modulus expansion joint sealant was applied, for detail sealing and carving of dilatation joints. HYPERDESMO®-D-2K was used as the main coat – a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane fluid, producing a strong hydrophobic membrane of moderate elasticity with outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance properties. At the end, AQUASMART® –TC 2K POOL PROTECT (pigmented at the desired colour) was used for the traffic line marking, creating a decorative flooring finish.

The result is a tough slip-resistance floor designed to resist high mechanical stresses and vibration forces.

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Floor Coatings with D2K

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