Roof waterproofing in a Residential block. Bangladesh

The multicolor HYPERDESMO® system was used in a residential block in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate with great seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and high humidity, therefore a waterproofing application should meet special requirements.   

Our successful and proven waterproofing system was applied in this exposed concrete substrate providing water tightness, ponding water resistance and long-term performance.  

Project products: Main membrane: HYPERDESMO®-CLASSIC / Top Coat : HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E

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Roof waterproofing in Bangladesh

Our successful and proven waterproofing roof solution based on the HYPERDESMO® System was used for the refurbishment and waterproofing of an old roof in Bangladesh. Offering advanced waterproofing performance and excellent aesthetic results, the HYPERDESMO System created a new living environment for this home. 


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Roof Waterproofing at IPM Factory, in Roumieh, Lebanon

HYPERDESMO® System was used for the waterproofing of roofs at IPM Factory in Lebanon. An advanced waterproofing solution which is CE certified for an expected working life of 25 years according to ETAG OO5. At the top, HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E was applied for the ideal protection of HYPERDESMO® polyurethane waterproofing products.


Project: IPM Factory Location: Roumieh Area: 550 m2 Products: AQUADUR, HYPERDESMO®, HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E

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Roof waterproofing at Hawa Chicken, in Anfeh – Lebanon

HYPERDESMO® System was used for the waterproofing of roofs in Lebanon. An advanced waterproofing solution which is CE certified for an expected working life of 25 years according to ETAG OO5.

Project Details

Project:  Hawa Chicken Location: Anfeh Area: 10000 m2

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Opera Car Park, New Capital City, Cairo-Egypt

An exposed car park application in Egypt, using ALCHIMICA’s hard traffic system in concrete substrate, based on HYPERDESMO polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

Project details

Project name: Opera Car Park, New Capital City, Cairo-Egypt

Area: 11.000 m2

Application: Exposed & Semi-Exposed Car Park

System: Aquasmart-Dur, Hyperdesmo Classic, Hyperdesmo ADY-E grey

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Batumi Stadium – Georgia

The representative football stadium in Batumi, one of the most famous holiday destination in Georgia, has a capacity of 20.000 seats. The design was confirmed to meet the UEFA category 4 requirements . As a modern stunning stadium has a modern architecture roof with the concept to be inspired by Georgia’s passion for dance. With a total number of a 1,000 car parking area the stadium is extended in a 87,000 square meters.

ALCHIMICA’s stadium stand waterproofing and sealing system applied in the specific project as a major solution.

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Waterproofing of insulation roof panels in the Netherlands

HYPERDESMO®– HAA was used for the waterproofing of insulation roof panels in the Netherlands. An advanced and fast waterproofing solution which is CE certified for an expected working life of 25 years.

Products: GEODESMO-50 

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Bitumen membrane refurbishment and protection, St.John’s Co-Cathedral, Malta.

St John’s Co-Cathedral, the Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, is one of the most impressive historical buildings in Malta and definitely a must-visit place of interest. It was built between 1572 and 1577 by the knights of Malta and It is well known as the ‘’Crown Jewel of Valleta’’ because of the great interior/exterior baroque architecture and the great art pieces, like the Beheading of St. John, one of Caravaggio’s masterpieces.

Apart from the fact that it is one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture in Europe, it is worth mentioning that the cathedral contains nine richly decorated chapels on its two sides but also the cathedral has three clocks on one of its towers.

Project Requirements

Over the years 4mm reinforced bituminous membranes eventually protected the concrete roof. However, the membranes had started showing signs of deterioration and required repairs in some spots. The result of the exposure to intense elements such as fluctuating temperatures, strong sunlight and rain resulted in their aging and inevitably the harmful phenomenon of leakages that lead to substrate corrosion.

Given the importance of the monument and taking into account the sensitivity of a structure that is almost 500 years old, the application required a system that would offer advanced waterproofing performance, while being the least invasive solution, in order to not create any risks of damages while performing the works.

Based on the requirements, a seamless, fast curing liquid waterproofing application was needed as a roof repair solution. In that way, the project needed the non-humidity and water penetration of the roof deck, fire and mechanical resistance and an extended service life.


ALCHIMICA’s innovative and reliable solution for bitumen membrane refurbishment protection based on the HYPERDESMO® System is widely known as a top-quality solution that offers long life expectancy, low additional weight on the structure and high flexibility and elasticity in cold temperatures.

In order to solve the problem of leakages and renovate the building’s roof the following system was applied, that provided high reflection and UV resistance, fully bondage to the substrate with detailed complexities, high elasticity and crack bridging even at low temperatures.

Local repair of the bitumen membranes with HYPERDESMO® -PB-1K

Primer application with UNIVERSAL-PRIMER-2K-4060

HYPERDESMO® applied reinforced with GEOTEXTLE-50

For solar reflectance HYPERDESMO-ADY-E in white color has been chosen for the final coat.

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