AQUASMART® HYBRID for sustainable waterproofing applications, Honduras

The absolute polyurethane hybrid roof waterproofing system, AQUASMART® HYBRID with its advanced water based polyurethane technology is what you need for sustainable waterproofing and protection!

The system was applied in Honduras after the use of the water-based primer AQUADUR.

The system provides water ponding resistance, high resistance to harsh weather effects and improves the energy efficiency of the building by reducing the temperature of the substrates, as being a cold paint coating.

Facade walls protection with AQUASMART® HYBRID, Georgia.

Unique Polyurethane Waterborne Dispersion Technology

Environmentally friendly waterproofing

The application has been done on the facade walls of the Custom building in Sarphi area, at the border of Georgia and Turkey. The waterborne polyurethane AQUASMART® HYBRID material is applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces of the facade to ensure a protection from UV and the aggressive atmosphere at the sea side.

AQUASMART® HYBRID is a fast curing, thixotropic, aliphatic, easy to apply and with a certified 10 year expected working life according to ETAG-005.

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“Green” hospital roof waterproofing in Mexico

This project was completed at a four-floor-165-bed hospital and it marks as a turning point in the evolution of the so called green & sustainable buildings in Mexico.

Alchimica Products have been selected and successfully applied on a total of 21,000m² surfaces by DSC México (certified service company) as follows:

  1. Aquadur, Hyperseal 25LM-S, Aquasmart PU-2K and Hyperdesmo Classic at general roofs and terraces.
  2. Aquadur, Hyperseal 25LM-S, Hyperdesmo A510, Hyperdesmo ADY-2K at two roof Car Parks.

This is in fact the first LEED certified public Hospital in México that includes the following green features:

20% reduction on mechanical HVAC size

Use of high quality and VOC efficient Waterproofing materials

Use of high efficiency electrical motors, plumbing fixtures and lamps

Use of Solar Panels for 30% of the heated water

14% in Energy savings

70 % in City water savings

Tertiary water treatment plant and water reuse for chillers

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Genral Hospital México II IMG_1538