Under asphalt waterproofing with HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K for indoor car park.

The advanced liquid applied bitumen-extended polyurethane waterproofing membrane HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K was used in a big construction site in Finland, for the development of a five-story car park. On the left side of this residential block, a connected car-park section has been designed to facilitate all the resident’s needs.  Asphalt was chosen as the main surface in order to be suitable for hard vehicular traffic which is a kind of method that it is preferred in Finland.  

Project requirements   

This specific car park required a specific waterproofing solution for being used upon the concrete slabs at the beginning of the development but further to be able to successfully bonded with the asphalt.  

ALCHIMICA solutions     

ALCHIMICA recommended the HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K waterproofing membrane that is designed and fully tested for structural waterproofing applications, it has a strong adhesion to many types while its compatibility with asphalt secures bonding even in the most extreme mechanical forces and withstands the shock temperature when asphalt is casted. Along with GEODESMO-50, the primer that can be used successfully on both porous or non- porous substrates and has great adhesion with HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K, the project was accomplished with a great success. 

If you require a specific technical support about your project or you want to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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