Cut and cover tunnels’ waterproofing in Spain

The Fast train line from Barcelona to Paris included several cut and cover tunnels in the domestic areas.

HYPERDESMO-PB-2K was chosen to waterproof all of the tunnels, thanks to its CE mark certification for 25 years expected working life.

Thanks to HYPERDESMO-PB-2K ‘ s mechanical and chemical features, as well as its resistance to plant roots, the tunnel top surface can be used for all purposes, such as roads, pedestrian paths, plazas, gardens and more.

The application method is the following:

  1. Good cleaning of the surface
  2. Treatment of concrete dilatation joints with HYPERDESMO-PB-1K
  3. Primer application with MICROSEALER-50
  4. HYPERDESMO-2K application in one single coat at the total required thickness


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