Polyurethane, Epoxy and Cementitious Flooring Systems

Industrial and Commercial Flooring Applications with ALCHIMICA products


ALCHIMICA offers polyurethane, epoxy and cementitious based flooring systems for specific requirements giving ideal solutions with excellent abrasion and slip resistance, designed to resist high mechanical stresses.

Depending on the product used, we may have seamless rigid floors with excellent abrasion resistance and ideal for heavy traffic industrial areas; or elastic seamless crack-free floor surfaces ideal for applications in hospitals, food industries, chemical industries, and liquid-treating industries.

With regards to topcoats for flooring applications, we provide a range of aromatic or aliphatic topcoats –depending on project requirements- for a shiny glossy surface result.

Our most innovative water-based top coat AQUASMART-TC-2K-Floor-Protect though, is the most recommended solution for protecting PU and Epoxy self-levelling floors. Easily colored with water-based pigment pastes, it is very fast curing with excellent anti-stain, abrasion and UV resistance properties, producing a satin smooth finish.

ALCHIMICA produces several products for flooring applications such as primers, main coats and top coat materials.

Explore our seamless Flooring solutions applied in different project areas.

Industrial polyurethane flooring system in hospital’s kitchen, Korea.  

Indoor Car Park in Beirut, Lebanon.

Fitness Flooring Solution in Panhellinios weightlifting hall.

Industrial polyurethane-cementitious flooring system in Sunlight manufacturing plant & Logistics center, Greece

Flooring application in Clemenceau, Lebanon

Flooring application at warehouse in Dekwaneh, Lebanon

Pharmaceutical factory, Syria.

Flooring application, India.

Textile factory, Sri Lanka.

Polyurethane flooring, Greece.

Industrial polyurethane floor, Turkey.

Industrial polyurethane floor, Turkey.

3D wall & floor, Switzerland.

Polyurethane floor application over tiles, Turkey.

Car washing station, Italy.

Epoxy industrial floor, Greece.

Flooring in refrigerators, Greece.

Cementicious flooring, Bulgaria.

Floor protective coating, Albania.

Garage flooring, Portugal.

Polyurethane flooring, Russia.

Industrial floor, Turkey.

Polyurethane flooring in the meat plant “Pegas”, Moldova.

If you require a specific technical support or you want to learn more about our Flooring and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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