Waterproofing Applications with HYPERDESMO® products

HYPERDESMO® is a one component polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It cures with the humidity in the atmosphere, producing a highly elastic and hydrophobic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

HYPERDESMO® has been certified for 25 years expected working life (W3) from EOTA organization under the ETA 005 prototype.

HYPERDESMO® can (and has successfully been) used in several types of applications as:

  • In flat and inclined concrete roofs for exposed and non exposed applications,
  • Over polyurethane insulation foams,
  • In verandas and balconies, under and over tiles,
  • In bathrooms, wet rooms, saunas, etc,
  • In light roofing made of metal, fibrous cement or wood,
  • Over asphalt membranes for refurbishment and protection,
  • Over EPDM, PVC, TPO membranes for refurbishment and protection,
  • In water tanks,
  • In hard traffic areas such as stadium stands, car parks, etc,
  • In civil engineering projects such as bridge decks, irrigation channels, etc

Exposed concrete roof waterproofing and protection system in the international media communication network in Qatar

Gutters waterproofing and protection with HYPERDESMO® system, UK.

Pinéa residences, Residential Waterproofing solutions. Lebanon

Waterproofing of fiber concrete roof, Parliament of Georgia.

Waterproofing of roof in Mall of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Exposed car park waterpoofing system in Athens, Greece.

Durable waterproofing solution in The Large Millimeter Telescope, Mexico.

Concrete Roof waterproofing and inverted roof waterproofing applications in Vista vela residences, MEXICO

Roof Waterproofing at IPM Factory, in Roumieh, Lebanon

Waterproofing of insulation roof panels in the Netherlands

Qatar – Exposed Metal roof waterproofing and protection system in the international media communication network.

Exposed concrete roof waterproofing with reflecting materials in a Residential block. Bangladesh

Refurbishment and waterproofing over an old bitumen membrane, St John’s Co-Cathedral, Malta.

Helipad in Philippines.

Mosque waterproofing in Turkey.

Concrete roof waterproofing, Azerbaijan

Exposed Car Park in Egypt

Wet room under tile waterproofing application in Greece.

Roof Waterproofing in Bangladesh

Bitumen membrane refurbishment in Romania.

Roof waterproofing at Hawa Chicken, in Anfeh,Lebanon

Waterproofing over metal roof, Russia.

Helipad Waterproofing and protection in IRAQ.

Bitumen membrane refurbishment. Acropolis museum, Athens.

Exposed concrete roof in Mauritius.

Marble stairs protection, Italy.

Waterproofing over old bitumen membrane, Georgia.

Exposed roof in Procida hospital, Italy. Over tile waterproofing system

Exposed wooden roof, United Kingdom.

Exposed concrete terrace in Moldova.

Bridge waterproofing, highway in Greece.

Bitumen membrane refurbishment, Greece.

Exposed concrete waterproofing and protection of roof, verandas and balconies in D-Resort Šibenik hotel, Croatia.

Roof waterproofing in Park View Erbil in IRAQ

Fountain waterproofing and decoration in Warsaw, Poland.

Exposed concrete roof in Mauritius.

Millenium Plaza roof in Warsaw, Poland.

Church in Montenegro

Amphitheater grand stands, Montenegro.

Concrete roof, Palmontbay hotel, Montenegro.

Exposed roof and terrace in Slovakia.

Outdoor stairs with anti-slip in Latvia.

Waterproofing of SAP laboratories buildings, India.

Bridge deck waterproofing in Portugal.

Concrete roof in India, Bangalore.

Roof gutters treatment in Turkey.

Grand stands of Mersin Ünv. Stadium, Turkey.

Ponds waterproofing in Turkey.

Hotel roof waterproofing in Bulgaria.

Waterproofing under the tiles, Mauritius.

Application over an old PVC membrane in Israel.

Exposed concrete roof, Moldova.

Exposed concrete roof, Greece.

Metro station podium, Omonia sq. in Athens, Greece.

Roof car park, Greece.

Grand stands of Olympic Volley stadium, Greece.

Wet room waterproofing, Greece.

Grand stands of Rugby Stadium, Georgia.

Grand stands of “Metallurg’ stadium, Kazakhstan.

Exposed concrete roof in hospital, India.

Irrigation channel waterproofing, Greece.

Bridge deck waterproofing, Attiki highway, Grece.

Bridge waterproofing, Charles de Gaulle airport, France. 

Helipad in Titanium la Porta Tower, Chile.

Roof car park, supermarket, Skopje.

Waterproofing over the tiles, France.

Grand stands of Olympic Stadium in Belgrade, Serbia.

Bridge deck waterproofing, Portugal.

Helipad in Lebanon.

Exposed concrete roof, Mauritius.

Bridge deck waterproofing, Israel.

Exposed concrete roof, Palestine territories.

Metal roof in Krakow, Poland.

Exposed concrete roof, Lebanon.

Exposed concrete roof in Poland.

Concrete balcony, Portugal.

Concrete roof, Latvia.

Grand Stands of Sofia Olympic Stadium, Bulgaria.

Waterproofing over PU foam, Romania.

Gutters waterproofing, Greece.

Reparation and waterproofing over metal roof, Latvia.

Exposed concrete roof in hospital, Slovenia.

Waterproofing over wooden roof, United Kingdom.

Waterproofing over metal roof, Ukraine.

Waterproofing and decoration of balcony, Slovenia.

Balconies waterproofing and decoration, Slovakia.

Grand stands waterproofing in stadium, Russia.

Refurbishment and waterproofing over old bitumen membrane, Slovenia.

Waterproofing over wooden roof, Slovenia.

Protection over PU foam, Ukraine.

Waterproofing and anti-slip protection in balcony, Slovenia.

Waterproofing of podium and public areas in Zorlu Tower, Istanbul.

Exposed concrete roof in high school, Xanthi, Greece.

Concrete roof waterproofing, India.

Waterproofing over metal roof, Latvia.

Balconies and stairs waterproofing and protection in Sencu Nami Residence, Latvia.

Waterproofing in Pinea Residences, Lebanon.

Tank roof waterproofing, Israel.

Tiled roof refurbishment and reparation, India.

Complex concrete roof waterproofing, Moscow, Russia.

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