Qatar – Exposed Metal roof waterproofing and protection system in the international media communication network.

Project Description

This complex application installed in the 3.200 m2 roof of one of the most famous international media communication network in Doha. In an area that extreme climatic conditions occur such as high temperatures, high moisture and humidity levels, especially in the autumn period, and sandstorms which constantly push the construction materials to their operating limits especially on roofs. In addition, during heavy rains there is always the risk of unwanted water infiltration and humidity to cause considerable damage and corrosion to the metal roofs.

Project Requirements

As water and sunlight resistance are detrimental to the durability of coatings used on metal roofs, it is paramount for such project to fulfill high demands by close monitoring for highly detailed development and completion.

For the waterproofing of the metal roofs in this project, ALCHIMICA’s exposed metal roof system based on the HYPERDESMO® System was used. In this project, weathering steadily had damaged the large units of the metal roof parts and especially the cut edges causing the removal of the protective coatings and revealing the bare metal core to further corrosion. The project itself required specific requirements due to the complexities on the exposed metal roof and the corrosion problems that have been caused to the gutters and details.


For this system, MICROSEALER-50, the low viscosity polyurethane-based primer, was used for the priming of the substrate and for the protection of the metallic roof joints and cut edges. HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT-150 was used for sealing the inner angles and gutters while reinforcement with GEOTEXTILE-50 was undertaken where needed for better future cracks protection. The HYPERDESMO®-CLASSIC was used as the main waterproofing membrane of the system and finally HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E finished the build-up system for color stability and UV protection.






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