Gutters waterproofing and protection with HYPERDESMO® system, UK.

Project Description

We recently encountered a project where a PVC membranes were being used to waterproof the main gutter of a metal roof from leakages and deterioration. The issue arose due to rainwater being directed to the gutter from both sides of the inclined roof, resulting in stagnant water spots in some areas. Over time, this caused the gutter to leak into a vast freezer, leading to the formation of large icicles under the roof. The removal of these icicles had to be done manually from a great height to prevent the risk of injury, making it a hazardous and costly process. This situation is not uncommon, and we have seen similar challenges in various facilities. It highlights the importance of implementing effective waterproofing solutions to prevent such problems from occurring. At ALCHIMICA, we have the technical expertise and innovative products to provide high-quality waterproofing solutions for gutters and roofs, preventing leaks and extending the longevity of the structure.

Project Requirements

The project involved a gutter that was 53 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with a 600mm up-stand on both sides. Due to the PVC preparation and shape of the gutter, specific requirements had to be met. To ensure that enhanced waterproofing and protection standards were achieved, ALCHIMICA took into account all technical aspects of the project.


The first step in the project was to clean the gutter thoroughly, removing years of dirt and sludge, and self-level the surface to direct water towards the edges of the roof. Since the substrate was an existing PVC membrane, ALCHIMICA utilized their special PRIMER PVC to prime the surface before applying the HYPERDESMO® system. This primer enables the coating of old and leaking PVC roofs with the HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM, which creates a new seamless membrane on top of the existing PVC membrane.

ALCHIMICA’s products used:

HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT-150 to the underside of roof edge to prevent rainwater being blown under roof edge.

PRIMER PVC to create the adhesion needed over the old membranes


HYPERDESMO® HAA to the base of the gutter and down into drain pipes. Thanks to it Humidity Activated Accelerator Technology (H.A.A), the product allows the application of the needed thickness in a single coat.

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