Industrial polyurethane flooring system in hospital’s kitchen, Korea.  

ALCHIMICA offers solutions for the food and beverage industry in different business environments, from production and processing plants to industrial kitchens securing their floors with durability, flexibility and high performance in demanding applications. Our sustainable systems guarantee indoor air quality, low VOC, durability and easy maintenance.  

Especially in areas such as hospital kitchen areas the floor standards must fulfill specific requirements that can offer hygiene, safety and durability. This kind of facilities require floor coating systems that withstand extreme operating conditions. The factors of constant traffic along with mechanical loads and cleaning agents contact, can affect floors, making the decision of the installation of rigid floors with excellent abrasion resistance mandatory.    

Project Requirements  

The subject reference project took place in the kitchen facilities of a major new constructed hospital in Korea. The facilities required the installation of a flooring system that could withstand high traffic, offer high chemical resistance while maintaining a wide operating temperature window and maintaining non-slip properties. In addition, the floor system should accommodate all the mechanical stresses from the loads in the storage areas but also to withstand the temperature differences that were caused from the operation of the freezers, ovens and different kitchen equipment.


Taking into consideration the specific high standards for a seamless, chemical and slip-resistant kitchen floors, the polyurethane industrial flooring system based on HYPERDESMO®-D-2K was chosen as a high performance and durable solution. HYPERDESMO®-D-2K is composed of 100% solids that have zero shrinkage and allow for safe and easy indoor application. The floor system offers an easy to clean surface that withstands the chemical impact of the detergents and cleaning materials providing a hygienic environment and most important safety for the kitchen staff with its slip-resistant properties. Moreover, the system guarantees the resistance to deterioration and the stresses from the high traffic and loads offering the highest durability.

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