Waterproofing Applications with AQUASMART products


AQUASMART products are unique water based polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membranes. After full curing they produce a highly elastic and hydrophobic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

AQUASMART-PU has been certified for 10 years expected working life (W2) from EOTA organization under the ETA 005 prototype with remarkable properties (TL4, TH4, P4).

AQUASMART products can (and have successfully been) used in several types of applications , such as:

  • In flat and inclined concrete roofs for exposed and non exposed applications,
  • Over polyurethane insulation foams,
  • In verandas and balconies, under and over tiles,
  • In bathrooms, wet rooms, saunas, etc,
  • In light roofing made of metal, fibrous cement or wood

Green roof in hospital, Mexico.

Foundation waterproofing, Mantri Arena Mall, India.

Facade walls protection with Aquasmart Hybrid.

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