Waterproofing Applications with HYPERDESMO-PB products


HYPERDESMO®-PB are innovative bitumen-extended polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing membranes. After full curing they produce a highly elastic and hydrophobic membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K has been certified for 25 years expected working life (W3) from EOTA organization under the ETAG 005 prototype.

HYPERDESMO®-PB products can (and has successfully been) used in several types of applications as:

  • In foundations, at horizontal as well as vertical parts,
  • In retain walls,
  • In green roof applications,
  • In flat and inclined concrete roofs for non exposed applications,
  • In verandas and balconies, under tiles,
  • In bathrooms, wet rooms, saunas, etc,
  • Over asphalt membranes for refurbishment,
  • In water tanks,
  • In hard traffic areas such as car parks, etc,
  • In civil engineering projects such as tunnels, bridges decks, etc.

If you have any relevant project that you need more precise technical support and want to learn more about our solutions please make a contact with us.

Please find more applications below:

Under asphalt waterproofing with HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K for indoor car park.

Cut and cover tunnels. External Below ground waterproofing in Spain.

The foundations waterproofing of the National Museum of Archaeology of Peru.

Foundations, concrete Slabs, planter boxes, podiums waterproofing in Empire Avenue Erbil – IRAQ

National Arena Stadium in Bucharest, Romania.

Below ground | Foundations waterproofing and protection

Green roof waterproofing in Chile.

Rijeka’s astronomy center. Waterproofing and humidity barrier solution, HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K

Bridge deck waterproofing in Romania.

Podium Wateproofing at Boulevard Heights. Dekwaneh, Lebanon.

Foundations waterproofing in Chile.

Foundation waterproofing in Albania.

Residential complex in Ankara, Turkey.

Foundations waterproofing in Turkey.

Foundations waterproofing in Bulgaria.

KRK bridge deck waterproofing in Croatia.

Waterproofing under the tiles, balcony in Chile.

Podium waterproofing, Croatia.

Waterproofing of non-exposed balconies and roofs in Greece.

Foundation waterproofing, Albania.

Playground, non-exposed waterproofing, Mexico.

Car park non-exposed waterproofing in Serbia.

Waterproofing of podium area in Presidential Palace, Moldova.

If you require a specific technical support or you want to learn more about our Below the ground waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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