Transparent Waterproofing with HYPERDESMO®-T in Rome Quirinal zone

Transparent waterproofing over tiles.

The HYPERDESMO®-T transparent waterproofing system was applied for the renovation of a beautiful balcony in Rome and has totally upgraded it to a majestic relaxation area. The area was totally harmonized with the environment after the application.

HYPERDESMO®-T, offers a unique solution in waterproofing applications over tiles and natural stones in verandas and balconies as a transparent waterproofing membrane which also performs exceptionally as a binder in stone applications. It does not yellow/discolor when exposed to sunlight, as it is fully aliphatic. The system is designed to protect the tiles in verandas and balconies from climatic changes and traffic so to achieve the ideal insulation, protection and aesthetic result.


Our range of decorative and transparent aliphatic polyurethane solutions can be part of both flooring and waterproofing systems ensuring the protection and durability of your projects.

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ITALY – Waterproofing and protection of marble stairs application with HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM.

In this project, the installation of marble stairs needed a complete waterproofing and protection system. Therefore, the HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM was used as a solution. For the sealing of the joints HYPERSEAL®-50FC-S was used and the MICROPRIMER-PU primer with its excellent properties in non-porous substrates, ideal for marble substrates.

Moreover, the HYPERDESMO®, the one component waterproofing polyurethane membrane was used with the HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E as a Top-Coat with its excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element resistance properties.. 

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