Green Roof in Chile


ALCHIMICA’s Green Roof waterproofing system is applied in a modern building in Chile.

A green roof contributes to the sustainability of a building while it offers many benefits to the urban environments. It can upgrade a building aesthetically, reduce building’s cooling energy consumption and costs, increase waterproofing membrane lifetime and further create a peaceful spot, for relaxation. However, for the successful green roof construction it is essential to apply a durable waterproofing system.

HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K is the ideal liquid applied waterproofing membrane for Green Roof applications.

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Titanium La Porta Tower Helipad in Chile


ALCHIMICA’s hard traffic system, based on HYPERDESMO® liquid applied waterproofing membranes, has been applied on the concrete roof helipad of the Titanium La Porta tower in Chile. 

Helipads are constantly being used and subject to heavy and abrasive effect of landings. HYPERDESMO® System  protects the deck’s structural slabs, tackling from the beginning threats like water ingress, aggressive chemicals, gas penetration, external mechanical pressures, and temperature variations.

Have a look at some characteristic project pictures.

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