Batumi Stadium – Georgia

The representative football stadium in Batumi, one of the most famous holiday destination in Georgia, has a capacity of 20.000 seats. The design was confirmed to meet the UEFA category 4 requirements . As a modern stunning stadium has a modern architecture roof with the concept to be inspired by Georgia’s passion for dance. With a total number of a 1,000 car parking area the stadium is extended in a 87,000 square meters.

ALCHIMICA’s stadium stand waterproofing and sealing system applied in the specific project as a major solution.

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HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM in Sarpi Border Checkpoint, Georgia


ALCHIMICA-HYPERDESMO-SARPI BORDER CHECKPOINT (1)Another successful application of ALCHIMICA’S HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM has been completed. Our products were chosen to refurbish the 8.650 sqm roof of the Border Checkpoint Building in Sarpi, Georgia. The 40 meter high tower consists of multiple levels overlooking the Black Sea coastline, at the Georgian border with Turkey.

System Applied:


Sealant: HYPERSEAL® 25 LM S

Main Coat: HYPERDESMO® Classic (2 coats)

Top Coat: HYPERDESMO® ADY-E (White)

HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM in Georgian Parliament, Kutaisi Town


Our HYPERDESMO® waterproofing system, was applied on the fiber cement roof of the impressive and modern building of Georgian Parliament, located in Kutaisi city. HYPERDESMO® SYSTEM was successfully used to cover a total surface of 13.000sqm.

System Applied:


Sealant: HYPERSEAL® 25 LMS


Top Coat: HYPERDESMO® ADY-E (Neutral)