Fitness Flooring Solution in Panhellinios weightlifting hall.

Panhellinios Gymnastics Club which can be translated as ‘’Pan- Hellenic gymnastics Club’’ is a Greek multi-sport club that is located in Athens and was founded in 1891. It is one of the oldest and most successful multi-sports clubs in Greece and considered one of the oldest sports clubs in Europe.   

One of the most significant sports departments of Panhellinios Club, is its weightlifting sports division which has created many great Olympic athletes. Everyday a lot of young athletes are training intensely to achieve great performances. In ancient Greece, weightlifting symbolized the strength and physical beauty and it still is a very popular sport in Greece keeping on this rich tradition.  

ALCHIMICA has presence to different areas of corporate responsibility. Considering the importance of this sport, ALCHIMICA was ready to contribute with its support and sponsorship to Panhellinios Gymnastics Club and renovate the floor of the team’s training ground.   

Project Requirements  

The sports hall needed renovation in its training floor but also to expand the floor in unexploited areas of the building. In weightlifting training, the floors are used quite intensively, weight bars are used and placed in the floor constantly, thus creating a high mechanical pressure along with the hard traffic that the surface is exposed to. The club wanted to provide an ideal training environment with a strong, safe and comfortable floor for daily demanding usage along with a proper decor and inspiring colors.  

ALCHIMICA Solutions  

ALCHIMICA’s flooring solutions are developed in such a way that they can be used for specific training/fitness applications according to different technical requirements and needs. Our advanced comfort flooring system based on polyurethane products was chosen to provide durability and easy maintenance. In this case, our innovative flexible and elastic main polyurethane flooring membranes were used in order to offer the greatest resistance for high impact flooring. 

ALCHIMICA’s training floor was built-up as follows:  


Ideal for filling and sealing cavities and cracks. 
The self levelling solvent free hydrophobic, elastic polyurethane flooring resin with excellent adhesion.
The solvent-free polyurethane membrane of moderate elasticity with outstanding adhesion to many types of surfaces.  

HYPERDESMO®-ADY-2K: High-quality, durable and fully aliphatic polyurethane top-coat which, once cured, produces a tough membrane with, high abrasion resistance.  

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Roof waterproofing in Park View Erbil in IRAQ

Park View is one of the most prestigious projects in Arbil that is located on the airport road in front of Dream city and close to Erbil International airport. The project consists of 12 buildings which have been constructed in a circular form except from the ”Dream” building that it is placed in a rectangular way. Each building has 18 floors and offers spectacular view.

ALCHIMICA’s HYPERDESMO exposed concrete roof waterproofing system was chosen for the protection of this complex.

Total area = 5000 m2

The materials used in the application:



Sealing Solutions:HYPERSEAL®-2K-F for expansion joints with 5cm width.

For the big construction joints HYPERSEAL®-2K-F was used. HYPERSEAL®-2K-F is the two component, horizontal grade polyurethane sealant ideal for large expansion construction joints. Upon curing it produces a high performance waterproofing pourable sealant that remains elastic even below -40 °C with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT 150 for corners and cracks (between wall & ground).

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Green roof / podium waterproofing in World Trade Center Erbil

ALCHIMICA products has been used in one of the most important business hub destinations in north Iraq. The World Trade Center Erbil is a business network and services organizations dedicated exclusively to international & local business success of companies based in Erbil.

The modern building required specific waterproofing solutions in the podiums and green roofs that had been designed and chosen to upgrade the building’s energy efficiency but also aesthetically.

A green roof is a micro-habitat that upgrades a building aesthetically and helps in reducing the building’s energy consumption. However, a watertight roof is essential to the successful green roof construction. ALCHIMICA’s green roof waterproofing system based on certified HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K offers exceptional waterproofing performance while it offers anti-root resistance properties for landscape use.

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Concrete Slabs Waterproofing in Empire Avenue Erbil – IRAQ

The foundations and slabs of the Empire Avenue building in IRAQ have been waterproofed using our bitumen extended polyurethane products, HYPERDESMO-PB. The system’s incomparable waterproofing performance along with its exceptional mechanical properties and its anti-root resistance, was the best of option for the waterproofing of the structure.

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Helipad Waterproofing and protection in IRAQ

ALCHIMICA’s hard traffic system, based on HYPERDESMO® liquid applied waterproofing membranes, has been applied on the concrete roof helipad in a beautiful landscape in IRAQ. 

Helipads are constantly being used and subject to heavy and abrasive effect of landings. HYPERDESMO® System  protects the deck’s structural slabs, tackling from the beginning threats like water ingress, aggressive chemicals, gas penetration, external mechanical pressures, and temperature variations.

Total area = 2325 m2.

The materials used in the application:




Traffic line marking: AQUASMART® –TC 2K Floor Protect

Sealing Solutions: HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT 150

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Transparent Waterproofing with HYPERDESMO®-T in Rome Quirinal zone

Transparent waterproofing over tiles.

The HYPERDESMO®-T transparent waterproofing system was applied for the renovation of a beautiful balcony in Rome and has totally upgraded it to a majestic relaxation area. The area was totally harmonized with the environment after the application.

HYPERDESMO®-T, offers a unique solution in waterproofing applications over tiles and natural stones in verandas and balconies as a transparent waterproofing membrane which also performs exceptionally as a binder in stone applications. It does not yellow/discolor when exposed to sunlight, as it is fully aliphatic. The system is designed to protect the tiles in verandas and balconies from climatic changes and traffic so to achieve the ideal insulation, protection and aesthetic result.


Our range of decorative and transparent aliphatic polyurethane solutions can be part of both flooring and waterproofing systems ensuring the protection and durability of your projects.

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Exposed Concrete Roof waterproofing with reflecting materials in a residential block. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate with great seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and high humidity. The monsoon rains cause water leakages that lead to corrosion problems in roofs, walls and basements both in residential and commercial buildings. In these conditions, structures tend to expose their limitations. Therefore, a waterproofing application should meet special requirements and it should not only to be effective in preventing the ingress of water into the structure, but also to be durable.

In those climates, it is also essential the buildup of a waterproofing system to include reflecting materials in order to reflect sun rays and repel heat. In this way we can reduce the need for air conditioning units, save energy costs and minimizing heat gain inside the buildings.

The multicolor HYPERDESMO® System was applied successfully in the exposed concrete substrate of the residential block in Bangladesh providing water tightness, ponding water and UV resistance and offering long-term performance.  

The materials used in the application:

Primers : Wide range of primers designed to work exceptionally with all our products and different kind of substrates, depending on the application and its needs.

HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT-150 : The novel, certified low modulus, highly elastic, thixotropic expansion joint sealant.

HYPERDESMO®-CLASSIC : The innovative, certified highly elastic waterproofing membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E : The aliphatic one-component polyurethane fluid, with excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element resistance properties.

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Roof waterproofing in Bangladesh

Our successful and proven waterproofing roof solution based on the HYPERDESMO® System was used for the refurbishment and waterproofing of an old roof in Bangladesh. Offering advanced waterproofing performance and excellent aesthetic results, the HYPERDESMO System created a new living environment for this home. 


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Roof Waterproofing at IPM Factory, in Roumieh, Lebanon

HYPERDESMO® System was used for the waterproofing of roofs at IPM Factory in Lebanon. An advanced waterproofing solution which is CE certified for an expected working life of 25 years according to ETAG OO5. At the top, HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E was applied for the ideal protection of HYPERDESMO® polyurethane waterproofing products.


Project: IPM Factory Location: Roumieh Area: 550 m2 Products: AQUADUR, HYPERDESMO®, HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E

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Podium Wateproofing at Boulevard Heights. Dekwaneh, Lebanon

HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K was chosen to waterproof the podium in Boulevard Heights , thanks to its CE mark certification for 25 years expected working life and its mechanical and chemical features, it is ideal for podium waterproofing.

The waterproofing of the podium area was completed with the waterborne epoxy primer AQUADUR , with its track record of more than 20 years of successful use as primer for the HYPERDESMO® line of products and the self-leveling polyurethane with bitumen material HYPERDESMO PB-2k

Project Details

Project: Boulevard Heights Lebanon Location: Dekwaneh Area: 7000 m2 Products: AQUADUR, MICROSEALER-50, HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K

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