“Green” hospital roof waterproofing in Mexico

This project was completed at a four-floor-165-bed hospital and it marks as a turning point in the evolution of the so called green & sustainable buildings in Mexico.

Alchimica Products have been selected and successfully applied on a total of 21,000m² surfaces by DSC México (certified service company) as follows:

  1. Aquadur, Hyperseal 25LM-S, Aquasmart PU-2K and Hyperdesmo Classic at general roofs and terraces.
  2. Aquadur, Hyperseal 25LM-S, Hyperdesmo A510, Hyperdesmo ADY-2K at two roof Car Parks.

This is in fact the first LEED certified public Hospital in México that includes the following green features:

20% reduction on mechanical HVAC size

Use of high quality and VOC efficient Waterproofing materials

Use of high efficiency electrical motors, plumbing fixtures and lamps

Use of Solar Panels for 30% of the heated water

14% in Energy savings

70 % in City water savings

Tertiary water treatment plant and water reuse for chillers

Please view relevant pictures below.

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Genral Hospital México II IMG_1538

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