Industrial polyurethane-cementitious flooring system in Sunlight manufacturing plant & logistics center, Greece.

In industrial areas like manufacturing units, logistics centers and warehouses, large amounts of products are stored and constantly being moved from manufacturers to retailers and vice versa. This kind of facilities require floor coating systems that withstand extreme operating conditions. The factors of constant heavy traffic along with high mechanical loads and possible chemicals contact can affect floors, making the decision of the installation of rigid floors with excellent abrasion resistance, ideal for those heavy traffic industrial floors.  

Project Requirements    

The subject reference project took place in the production and logistics plant of Sunlight batteries. With almost 30 years of experience in the market, Sunlight Group is a world-leading provider of industrial and advanced energy storage solutions. It has one of the most modern industrial units in Europe, in accordance with the strictest international standards which covers a total area of 200.000m², with indoors areas of more than 60.000m².  

The manufacturing plant and logistics centre are located in Xanthi, northern Greece, where the company distributes its products to serve the group’s exports worldwide.   

The latest expansion of their facilities, required the installation of a new flooring system that could withstand high traffic, offer high chemical resistance while maintaining a wide operating temperature window and maintaining non-slip properties.  

ALCHIMICA Solutions    

Our advanced industrial polyurethane cementitious flooring system was chosen to provide durability and easy maintenance in 16.000 m² of the new facilities.   

In this case, our innovative non-toxic high wear and chemical resistance HYGROSMART®-PU-CEMENT-3K was used to offer the greatest resistance to any impact in the floor, handle the movement of large equipment, abrasion and aggressive chemicals.    

The self-levelling HYGROSMART®-PU-CEMENT-3K with its self-levelling properties, offered ease of application along with high workability, while reducing in this way the non-operating time of the facility. In addition, with its ability to fill gaps and cavities during the application it provided an impenetrable surface, protecting from possible leaks.

In case you need a specific technical support or you are looking to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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