Exposed car park waterproofing application in Greece.

To waterproof and protect an exposed car park is one of the most challenging applications that a professional can face because the outcome must offer high waterproofing standards and the surface needs to withstand many challenges such as strong mechanical stresses, heavy traffic, contact with volatile chemicals and temperature variations. The car park project in Greece had a lot of particularities regarding the surface that needed to take care of.  

Project Requirements  

ALCHIMICA with its global experience in waterproofing and sealing exposed car park areas based on the HYPERDESMO® System, was able to provide any assistance in every phase of the project. The project itself needed specific requirements regarding the elasticity, durability, the colourful indications and a surface with a high UV resistance and solar reflectance for keeping the building cool.  

Alchimica Solutions  

The HYPERDESMO® polyurethane exposed car park system , was selected thanks to the advanced waterproofing properties offer by the base coat of HYPERDESMO-LV in combination with the high durability and abrasion resistance of our fully aliphatic top coat, HYPERDESMO-ADY-E that offers high solar reflectance and ensures the protection of the waterproofing. For creating the necessary traffic cline marking, the AQUASMART® –TC 2K Floor Protect was used at the desired color. 

Our proven and competitive solution supported the project offering durability, protection and long-term service life.

If you need a specific technical support or you want to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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