Tbilisi Mall | Shopping center in the Georgian capital |Georgia


Tbilissi is the capital of Georgia, a vividly and historic city with plenty of choices for sightseeing and entertainement. One of the most recommended places to visit in Tbilissi , is the Tbilisi Mall.

Tbilissi Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Georgia and it is located just a few miles outside the city, meeting globally recognized standards. As a modern shopping center it is a unique family destination offering unique shopping experience for locals and tourists including hundreds of impressive apparel dealerships, leisure and entertainment activities. The architecture design is contemporary, combining modern trends and ecologically green infrastructure. This unique and large development has four floors and covers approximately over 72,000 m² with 250 retail units, 2,000 parking spaces, a 15,000 m² hypermarket and a 1,000 m² entertainment center.

Project Requirements

ALCHIMICA with its global experience in waterproofing and sealing was able to provide any assistance in every phase of the project. The project itself required specific requirements due to the complexities both in the domed and other shaped roofs with many details to be catered.


Taking into consideration the impressive domed roof but also the climate conditions, our HYPERDESMO® concrete roof waterproofing system, was selected and applied on the fiber cement roof and successfully covering the whole surface. The system included the priming of the surface and also the sealing of the roof joints with the HYPERSEAL technology while the certified HYPERDESMO® waterproofing membrane applied in 2 coats. In addition, HYPERDESMO®  ultimate polyurethane technology waterproofed and protected further challenges and details in the  complex roof shapes and installations such as air-conditioning units, pipe supports, antennas.

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