Tunnel injection of polyurethane foam resins in Spain

Polyurethane foam resins are designed to react with water and produce flexible or inflexible grouts suitable for sealing cracks and joints of concrete surfaces and for effectively stopping water leaks. These polyurethane foaming resins can be re-injected with polyurethane resins later for permanent waterproofing.

Project Requirements

In these particular tunnels in Spain the concrete structures needed immediate repairs due to leakage problems through voids and cracks in the concrete structure.

The influx of water was such that the best solution was to apply a tough expanding foam with low viscosity while it would be flexible enough for the permanent sealing of the leaks.


ALCHIMICA’s experts were able to provide the best technical advice and support recommending the optimal injection solution for this project. The range of injection hydrophobic polyurethane foaming resins, WATERFOAM was the best solution as it stops water effectively and seals cracks and joints of below-grade structures. The solution was able to form a new permanent watertight, seal and prevent future structural repair costs.

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