CMC seminars in Beirut, South Lebanon and Sulaymaniah

Sulaymaniah 9

CMC company, ALCHIMICA official distributor in Lebanon and Irak, held technical training seminars in two different locations in South Lebanon on March 18th and April 22nd, in Beirut on May 20th, and at Sulaymaniah in Iraqi Kurdistan on May 25th.

The seminars in Lebanon were attended by consultants, architects, contractors, engineers and other clients. More than 50 people attended each Seminar.

The main annual training in Beirut was attended by 120 people and has covered many technical aspects as well as products’ live demonstration.

In Sulaymaniah, the seminar was hosted by the Sulaymaniah University under the frame of a building materials conference.

We would like to thank all participants and we are looking forward to seeing you again in the future!

Please see below pictures of seminars in both countries.


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