HYPERDESMO® system, Durable residential solutions. Pinéa residences project, Lebanon.

ALCHIMICA’s solutions for waterproofing and protection were used in Pinéa residences, located in the hills of Ballouneh in Mount Lebanon, near Beirut. Standing atop the hills of Ballouneh, Pinéa is a gated community stretching over 17.000 sqm, offering 232 simplexes and duplexes, built around a central common garden that brings the residents together in a community-like atmosphere.

HYPERDESMO® polyurethane liquid membranes with their durability, flexibility, breathability and resistant properties, were implemented in different and complex application areas successfully, providing the necessary guarantee regarding the protection of substrates and further ensuring the safe completion of the project.   


Protection & Drainage boards

TERRACES: 4000 m2



The waterproofing products available from ALCHIMICA are developed to provide long-term protection in all the different requirements and areas of a project.

Find more information about Wateproofing and sealing in residences:

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