Podium Wateproofing at Boulevard Heights. Dekwaneh, Lebanon

HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K was chosen to waterproof the podium in Boulevard Heights , thanks to its CE mark certification for 25 years expected working life and its mechanical and chemical features, it is ideal for podium waterproofing.

The waterproofing of the podium area was completed with the waterborne epoxy primer AQUADUR , with its track record of more than 20 years of successful use as primer for the HYPERDESMO® line of products and the self-leveling polyurethane with bitumen material HYPERDESMO PB-2k

Project Details

Project: Boulevard Heights Lebanon Location: Dekwaneh Area: 7000 m2 Products: AQUADUR, MICROSEALER-50, HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K

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