Rijeka’s planetarium. Waterproofing and humidity barrier solution, HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K

Project Description   

One of the best attractions in Rijeka city is the Rijeka astronomy center which it has opened in 2001. The center is repurposed second World War military fortress and represents the biggest ever investment in Croatia’s technological culture. The architectural design of the center based on a minimalistic exposed concrete structure. The astronomy center includes an observatory and a planetarium which is the only digital planetarium in Croatia. Inside the planetarium the main hall offers 50 seats where the guests can enjoy projections (live presentations) of the skyline and celestial objects or watch films on astrology and underwater world, which are displayed on an 8m diameter dome above their heads.  

Project Requirements  

With the building being finished entirely by concrete the construction plan included the insulation of the concrete roof and walls with insulation foam boards for achieving the best energy efficiency of the building and protect it from weathering. In that case, the project itself required an absolute waterproofing of the concrete substrate throughout the whole structure. While the sensitive electronics equipment of the astronomy center required vapor barrier protection in order to ensure its safe operation. 


To protect and waterproof the structure, HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K the highly elastic bitumen-extended polyurethane liquid membrane was used for the best humidity barrier solution. HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K with its excellent mechanical properties It offers advanced concrete roof waterproofing performance for green roofs, inverted insulation waterproofing roof applications and is considered as the industry standard in bitumen extended polyurethane liquid membranes for more than 15 years. For the priming AQUADUR was used. ALCHIMICA’s first and revolutionary water-based epoxy coating/primer which ensures the strengthening, stabilizing and sealing of concrete providing remarkable adhesion.

In case you need a specific technical support or you are looking to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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