Bitumen membrane refurbishment and protection, St.John’s Co-Cathedral, Malta.

The St John’s Co-Cathedral, Malta’s one of the most historical buildings, has been treated with HYPERDESMO system.

Its roof has been waterproofed, many years ago, with bitumen membranes which have been aged and leakages have appeared.

ALCHIMICA’s bitumen membrane refurbishment and protection system based on HYPERDESMO has been applied over existing bitumen membrane to solve the leakages problem and renovate the building’s waterproofing for many years to come.

The application method consisted to:

  1. Good clean of the surface
  2. Local repair of the bitumen membranes with HYPERDESMO-PB-1K
  3. Primer application with MICROSEALER-50
  4. HYPERDESMO-Classic applied reinforced with GEOTEXTLE-50
  5. For solar reflectance HYPERDESMO-Classic in white color has been chosen for the final coat.

For more details read attached case study.

Facade walls protection with AQUASMART® HYBRID, Georgia.

Unique Polyurethane Waterborne Dispersion Technology

Environmentally friendly waterproofing

The application has been done on the facade walls of the Custom building in Sarphi area, at the border of Georgia and Turkey. The waterborne polyurethane AQUASMART® HYBRID material is applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces of the facade to ensure a protection from UV and the aggressive atmosphere at the sea side.

AQUASMART® HYBRID is a fast curing, thixotropic, aliphatic, easy to apply and with a certified 10 year expected working life according to ETAG-005.

Find more about our Unique Polyurethane Waterborne Dispersion Technology

Non-exposed waterproofing of podium in Presidential Palace, Moldova.

The application works have been done in Presidential Palace in Chisinau, Moldova, in 2018. The waterproofing of a podium area with the waterborne epoxy primer AQUASMART DUR and the self-leveling polyurethane with bitumen material HYPERDESMO PB-2k. The sand has been spread over the all surface for the following placement of the tiles.

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