Roof | Planter boxes | Podium | Below ground Waterproofing in World Trade Center Erbil, IRAQ

ALCHIMICA’s products have been used in one of the most important business hub destinations in northern Iraq, the World Trade Center Erbil. The infrastructure provides a business platform for international and local companies that are based in Erbil offering a lifestyle that adds technology, luxury and comfort to business life.  

Project requirements 

Apart from the essential roof waterproofing applications, the building required specific below ground waterproofing solutions in its foundations and concrete slabs at the beginning of development. In addition, advanced waterproofing systems were required in the podiums and planter boxes that had been designed and chosen to upgrade the building’s energy efficiency and at the same time to create a nature-friendly urban environment.  

ALCHIMICA solutions   

The exposed concrete roof waterproofing system based on the HYPERDESMO® System was used for the waterproofing and protection of the roof with a total area of 3000 m².  

Materials used in the application:   




For the waterproofing of the planter boxes, ALCHIMICA’s waterproofing system based on the certified HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K was used offering exceptional waterproofing performance. While the foundations and retaining walls were waterproofed using the HYPERDESMO-PB-MONO products. The system’s incomparable waterproofing performance along with its exceptional mechanical properties and its anti-root resistance, was the best of option for the waterproofing of the structures in a total area of 2.000 m2.  

The materials used in the application:   



Total area:  2000m²

If you require a specific technical support about your project or you want to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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