Roof waterproofing in Park View Erbil in IRAQ

Park View is one of the most prestigious projects in Arbil that is located on the airport road in front of Dream city and close to Erbil International airport. The project consists of 12 buildings which have been constructed in a circular form except from the ”Dream” building that it is placed in a rectangular way. Each building has 18 floors and offers spectacular view.

ALCHIMICA’s HYPERDESMO exposed concrete roof waterproofing system was chosen for the protection of this complex.

Total area = 5000 m2

The materials used in the application:



Sealing Solutions:HYPERSEAL®-2K-F for expansion joints with 5cm width.

For the big construction joints HYPERSEAL®-2K-F was used. HYPERSEAL®-2K-F is the two component, horizontal grade polyurethane sealant ideal for large expansion construction joints. Upon curing it produces a high performance waterproofing pourable sealant that remains elastic even below -40 °C with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT 150 for corners and cracks (between wall & ground).

If you require a specific technical support or you want to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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