Qatar – Exposed concrete roof waterproofing and protection system in the international media communication network.

Project Description

This complex application installed in the 3.200 m2 roof of one of the most famous international media communication network conglomerates in Doha. Doha is a country that extreme climatic conditions occur such as high temperatures and sandstorms which constantly push the construction materials to their operating limits especially on roof areas. In addition, when heavy rains come there is always the risk of unwanted water infiltration which can cause considerable damage to the substrates and hence concrete corrosion.

In this project the building had been equipped with massive air-conditioning units installed in the roof making it a complex application.

Project Requirements

As water and sunlight resistance are detrimental to the durability of coatings used on flat roofs the importance of this project set high demands and close monitoring for high detailed development and completion.

ALCHIMICA with its global experience in waterproofing and sealing was able to provide assistance in every phase of the project, proposing the right products and systems based on the technical specifications, advising at the same time on the application methods for saving time and costs. The project itself required specific requirements due to the complexities on the exposed concrete roof and its details. That was why the designers needed a reliable system for a durable solution. ALCHIMICA considered all the technical and environmental impacts of the system in order to increase the durability and sustainability of the building and guarantee the high performance of the roof for years to come. 

The suggested liquid applied waterproofing concrete roof system and application method for this specific project had to deal with the complex roof shapes which were formed from the air-conditioning units, pipe supports and antennas.


Taking into consideration the complex roof but also the Qatar climate conditions, our HYPERDESMO® exposed concrete roof waterproofing system was selected and applied successfully, covering the total surface of 580 m2. The system included the priming of the surface with the GEODESMO-50 and also the sealing of the roof joints with the HYPERSEAL®polyurethane technology sealants, while the certified HYPERDESMO® waterproofing membrane applied in 3 coats. The versatility and ease of application of our waterproofing system allowed the safe and easy treatment of the complex roof shapes and installations such as air-conditioning units, pipe supports, antennas.

As a final step, the HYPERDESMO® ADY-E high aliphatic reflective top-coat was used to ensure the durability of the system and the reduction of the building’s energy costs.

In case you need a specific technical support or you are looking to learn more about our waterproofing and protection solutions please make a contact with us.

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